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Pathways Navigation

Coaching that Uncovers Your True Path

Career Satisfaction Matters

Pathways Navigation joins you where you are in your career journey and becomes your coach to help you uncover and build your personal path to a life of sustained happiness.

Uncover your career passion, one answer at a time.

You are in the middle of successfully climbing the corporate ladder but aren’t feeling fulfilled. Your career path pays the bills, but you yearn for something more – or perhaps something entirely different.

My work with you will help you connect with your inner compass.

You’ll uncover the path that can lead you to a satisfying career and a life of sustained happiness.

You’ll use skills you’ve developed over the years and apply them in new ways that will refresh and re-energize you.

You’re a mid-career professional

Career satisfaction coaching is for you if you relate to one of the following:

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You know what you want to do, you just haven’t had success or traction in achieving it

Compass Icon

You have had success in your career and your life, and now you want to move toward ‘something’ that has a greater purpose/value to you

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You know change is necessary, yet you’re unsure how to uncover and move toward the best objective

Ways To Work With Me

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized career satisfaction coaching enables us to have engagements a few times a month.

Facilitated Groups

Group coaching brings several individuals together for two or more hours to discuss a common topic.

Speaking Engagements

I can help groups, departments, associations, and more in working together for a common objective.

Career Satisfaction Coaching

Career satisfaction coaching focuses on your career but what you discover about yourself can be applied to other areas of your life, too. You’ll uncover and work on the skills you need to help you find satisfaction within your current role, or to move into your next role.

All engagements are virtual; duration and longevity of our partnership depends on what you aspire to accomplish.

Short Term

I can support you to success through hourly engagements if you know your direction already.

Mid Term

A 3- to 6-month engagement enables me connect you to ideas that resonate with you in your journey for career satisfaction.

Long Term

A long-term engagement fits best if you yearn for something completely new and seek coaching to find greater purpose.
“I met Lea just at a time in my life when I needed to make changes. Lea asks great questions, has very challenging mental exercises and he never tells you what to think or do, he helps you find out for yourself what you want to do. I really feel like it was life changing and well worth doing.”
Lucinda Holden
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