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Find Satisfaction in Your Career

We can work together to find your “joy coefficient” – your personalized formula that helps you have sustained happiness. Once you find what you like to do for the income you’ll receive, you can enjoy the life you create instead of simply survive it.

No matter how you engage with me, I can help you find, connect, and use your inner compass to locate the path for your life.

Ways To Work With Me

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized career satisfaction coaching enables us to have engagements a few times a month.

Facilitated Groups

Group coaching brings several individuals together for two or more hours to discuss a common topic.

Speaking Engagements

I can help groups, departments, associations, and more in working together for a common objective.

No matter how you work with me, you are and will always remain the expert on your life, not me. As your career satisfaction coach, I don’t give you the secret to your life, I help you uncover your own secret to your life.

Let me help you find your path to a satisfying career.

Contact me today.

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