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Speaking Engagements

I can help groups, departments, associations, and more in working together for a common objective.

I am available to speak to associations and internal employee groups as a way to help employees interact with their peers, build strong teams, or help focus a department or company toward a common goal.

Past Presentations

I am happy to present any of the below talks or develop one on the topic most relevant to your organization.


Follow Your Feet to Happiness

Learn how your feet have the vision you need.

Reflections of My Truth

Reflections of My Truth – Learn how to adjust your internal mirrors to find your truth.

230 Miles to Sunrise at 14,500 Feet

How my 5-year journey to reach the top of Mt Whitney relates to creating a life you love.

Leading Gracefully

A presentation on leadership for women at work, at home, and in the community.

Purpose Hunting

An introduction to how to start finding the answer to “What’s next?” as related to your career, your family, or your life.

Change is hard on people. In the spring of 2020, our team needed additional support to help them work through the COVID-19 related changes happening all around them. We connected with Lea and ZsuZsa to offer their four-week ‘Inhabiting Change’ program to our team members. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Those who participated felt that they were given time to quietly reflect and to learn about positive ways to respond to change. We look forward to working with Lea and ZsuZsa in the future.
Kerri Mobile, Maine Line Graphics

Contact me today

Reach out to me to schedule any of the above presentations for your group. Or connect with me to create a presentation unique to your organization.

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