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It’s Not the Job, It’s You!

June 26, 2023

Are you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in your job?

Would you like to find ways to increase your job satisfaction and fulfillment? As a client satisfaction coach, I can help you understand your unique situation and goals. We can work together to develop strategies for improving your work experience.

Meet Nina

Nina left her job for health reasons; she was physically diminished. As she recovered, her physician referred her to me for job satisfaction coaching.

Although Nina initially believed her fast-paced job was the cause of her declining health, she set goals to find a similar position elsewhere.

Together, we discovered that her innate talents and skills were, in fact, well-suited to her role as a systems analyst. What was causing her debilitating illness was her desire to be a "good" employee.

The personal rules, or beliefs, she embraced about being a good employee had led her to take on excessive amounts of responsibility, which included neglecting her own well-being, and believing it was best to avoid asking for help. She took on too much, became way out of balance, and her health suffered.

Together, Nina and I developed a customized plan to increase her job satisfaction, handle her responsibilities, as well as take care of her health. By identifying the signals and symptoms that indicated she was veering towards toxic behavior, she learned to change course and prioritize her own needs.

The results were remarkable. Nina returned to her high-paced job a year later with a newfound sense of balance and joy. She even took on a role of greater responsibility and continued to earn promotions – while maintaining her health!

Most people will not go as far as Nina, but if you're feeling dissatisfied with your job enough to be thinking the answer is finding a new job, it's important to get an independent perspective to see if there's something you can adjust before deciding to leave.

As your client satisfaction coach, I can work with you to identify your unique strengths and help you find ways to use them in your current position. By focusing on your experience, you will learn what is truly important to you and, if you determine it’s time for a change, you will be able to look for what you want instead of running away from what you don’t. We can work together to develop a customized plan for increasing your satisfaction and fulfillment at work.