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Facilitated Groups

Group coaching brings several individuals together for two or more hours to discuss a common topic.

These virtual group sessions enable participants to share their own experiences, ask questions, and engage in discussions that can help them, individually, start to discover their internal compass.

Who can benefit from group coaching?

Anyone can benefit from group coaching if they are willing to share their experiences and ideas with others, and if they are seeking new ways to gain personal insight.

If you are thinking about changing jobs, are not satisfied with your current career path, or want to entirely change your career journey all together, having discussions with others in a similar point in their careers can be quite beneficial.

How facilitated group coaching works

There is no formula, particular program, or training outline. My role is to facilitate discussion and discovery. Many people find group work beneficial as they can interact with others to accelerate new ideas, questions, answers, and ultimately uncover their passion. Facilitated group coaching can be a one-off session or multi-week program, depending on the topic and interest.
Current group coaching sessions available focus on topics such as:

Finding Your Compass

Designing Your Future

Life Reset


Purpose Hunting



Benefits of working in a group environment

The biggest benefit to working with a coach in a group of like-minded individuals is the interaction between participants; you will benefit from the experiences and perspectives your peers bring.

By joining with others to talk about current job and career challenges, you will discover decisions that need to be made that you hadn’t contemplated before.

Join a group coaching session

You can sign up for an upcoming group coaching session through the online calendar, or use the contact form to suggest a group focus for a future session.

Let me help you find your path to a satisfying career.

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